A quick start guide to home refinancing

There is an amazing amount of mortgage refinancing information online. However, if you just want to cut to the chase, you can do so with the help of a few tools on this site.

  1. Use a mortgage refinance calculator to run the numbers

    Refinance calculators can give you a lot of great information--you can see what a refinance payment would be at different rates or for different terms. You can see if the savings generated by a refinance is sufficient to cover the costs of refinancing.

  2. Compare refinance mortgage rates

    The list of refinance rates gives you an idea of what mortgage rates are available on a given day. You can input them into the mortgage calculator to see what potential savings awaits you. Keep in mind that rates posted are usually the best available, requiring substantial equity and excellent credit. Rates can change daily. The list is a quick way to see what's out there.

  3. Ask questions about your refinance

    Have a specific question? You can get custom advice from an expert by submitting your Refinance Q and A request on the form provided.

  4. Get refinance mortgage quotes

    If you want mortgage quotes tailored to your situation, complete the inquiry form (no personally-identifying information is required) and you'll get a better estimate of what rates are available to you in your area. It's an easy way to get multiple quotes quickly.