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Has the tide turned for mortgage rates finally?

It may not be wise to wait to refinance with mortgage rates turning upward and further increases possible.
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When, Why and How to Refinance Right?

A quick start guide to home refinancing

There is an amazing amount of mortgage refinancing information online. However, if you just want to cut to the chase, you can do so with the help of a few tools on this site. Use a mortgage refinance calculator to run the numbers Refinance calculators can give Read More>>

When is the Best Time to Refinance Your Home Loan?

When should you consider refinancing? An old rule of thumb was to wait until mortgage rates dropped 2% below your existing rate. But while a drop in market interest rates is an important factor that may prompt a homeowner to refinance, there Read More>>

How To Get The Lowest Refinance Mortgage Rates

If you are considering refinancing your home to get a lower mortgage interest rate, there are several steps you should take to qualify for the lowest mortgage refinance rates possible. Smart shoppers get the lowest mortgage refinance rates One of the advantages of searching for refinancing Read More>>

Mortgage Refinance: Simplified

It is always a good idea to understand the in's and out's of a mortgage process before you start refinancing your existing loan or get a new home loan. RefinancingRight simplifies your mortgage experience by providing
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